Name Title Phone E-Mail Building
Andrea Lapointe Assistant Director of Athletics
(617) 496-4221 [email protected] Murr Center
Alex Carras Recreation & Club Sports Coordinator
(617) 496-8675 [email protected] Murr Center
Dan Boyne Director of Recreational Rowing
(617) 495-2226 [email protected] Weld Boathouse
Erin West Travel and Operations Coordinator
(617) 495-2203 [email protected] Murr Center
Michael Mercier Tennis Professional
(978) 273-6500 [email protected] Murr Center
Miles Keesy Aquatics Manager
(617) 495-0597 [email protected] Blodgett Pool
Colleen Cleary Aquatics Training & Operations Assistant
617-496-2104 [email protected] Malkin Athletic Center
Dawn Stenis Fitness Director
(617) 496-8770 [email protected] Malkin Athletic Center
Laurel Mathiesen General Manager
(617) 496-8553 [email protected] Malkin Athletic Center
Kim Lacasse General Manager
(617) 496-8142 [email protected] Hemenway Gymnasium
Kyle McGinnity Membership Manager
(617) 496-1585 [email protected] Malkin Athletic Center
Dustin Hughes Service Manager
(617) 496-6589 [email protected] Malkin Athletic Center