Club Sport Registration Forms 

To retain recognition from the Harvard Department of Athletics, clubs must re-submit all required registration forms at the start of each academic year. 

If you are trying to start a new club sport, please fill out the constitution and membership roster, then send to Alex Carras (

For more information, please see the Club Sports Handbook.

Required Registration Forms (Due Sunday, September 23, 2018 at Midnight)

To register your club sport, please do so through the Athletics Club Database.

*Please direct any registration questions to Alex Carras, Recreation Programs and Club Sports Coordinator (

*All required registration forms must be filled out and uploaded to the Athletics Club Database by the due date.

*Hazing document and receipt/acknowledgment form MUST be physically signed uploaded to the Athletics Club Database.

Club Registration


Membership Roster

Handbook Receipt/Acknowledgment

MA Hazing Law Document

Emergency Action Plan

Recommended Travel and Injury Report Forms

Travel Roster

Travel Itinerary

Injury Report

Each time a club travels off campus, it is strongly recommended that the club officers fill out a travel roster and itinerary and file them with the Athletic Department.

Club presidents should complete and file an injury report with the club sports office within 24 hours of any injury requiring some form of medical attention that occurred while participating in any aspect of a club sports activity.

Please send travel rosters/itineraries and injury reports to Alex Carras (