Harvard XFit Club

Contacts: Terry Lee ([email protected]) and Dylan Wile ([email protected]


The Harvard XFit Club is dedicated to the sport of fitness. We work to develop functional strength and athleticism by practicing constantly-varying activities at high intensity, so that instead of becoming skilled in a single difficult activity, we become skilled at doing unfamiliar things which are difficult. In pursuit of this general fitness, we use a constantly-varing program calling on the most effective movements and techniques from many different sports and fitness programs, including gymnastics, running, olympic and power weightlifting, rowing, calisthenics, medicine ball training, kettlebell training, and odd-object training.

Because of the variety of equipment needed for this sort of training we currently meet at an off-campus CrossFit gym near the divinity school. Please contact our club email (harvardc[email protected]) or one of our captains to learn more about the club or to come out and try one of our practices!