Harvard Triathlon Club

Team Captains: Lauren Spohn (spohn@college.harvard.edu) and Bjarni Atlason (bjarni@college.harvard.edu).


Student- Run website: https://www.facebook.com/HarvardTri


Overview: The Harvard University Triathlon Club is an organized club dedicated to the education pursuit of triathlon, general physical fitness, and the representation of the sport of triathlon within the community. The Club will provide all students the tools to compete in races throughout New England for both competition and enjoyment. In preparation, members will be trained in all swimming, running, and biking in order for the proficient to excel in the sport and for others to enjoy their time completing the races.

Our goal is to make triathlons fun and accessible and to show that athletes at the collegiate level are capable of being competitive in the broader triathlon community.

The events of this organization will be focused around the Northeast Collegiate Triathlon Conference Races that begin at the end of September and continue into late May.