Harvard Tough Mudder Club

Contacts: Meredith Clark (meredithclark@college.harvard.edu) and Sylvia Marks (sylviamarks@college.harvard.edu) 

Overview: The Harvard Tough Mudder team is an organization, open to all members of the Harvard community, that aims to prepare its members, both mentally and physically, for a Tough Mudder competition. The team focuses on fitness, unity, and friendship. We aim to hold practices 2-3 times a week in preparation for at least one Tough Mudder competition at the end of the school year. Through physical exertion, the Tough Mudder team allows community members to destress and improve their physical health. Due to the nature of the Tough Mudder and the exercises that shall be performed, the club also enables students to come together on a personal level and get to know, appreciate, and enjoy the presence of all of their compatriots. In addition, the Tough Mudder team will serve to bring together a group of individuals outside of actual practices by holding social gatherings like tailgates at football games. The bonds made in Tough Mudder will carry on after college and will ideally set up a strong alumni network that will interact with the current team. In addition, the club aims to facilitate relationships between new students and upperclassmen, thereby creating a support system for those that are new to the community and looking for a fulfilling, team-based extracurricular. The team will assist those students with the difficult adjustment to college through the sharing of life experiences and lessons learned. Ultimately, the Harvard Tough Mudder Team is an organization of individuals who are looking to come together, stay healthy, bond through shared exertion, have fun, and improve the collegiate experiences of its members.