Harvard Flag Football Club




President/Captain: Chad Borgman (cborgman@college.harvard.edu)
Vice President/Captain: Eliel Ig-Izevbekhai (igizevbekhai@college.harvard.edu)
Treasurer/Captain: James Allen (jallan@college.harvard.edu)
Secretary and Social Chair/Captain: Jordan Silva (jordansilva@college.harvard.edu)


Overview: The Harvard Crimson Club Flag Football team is designed for students interested in playing flag football at either a competitive or recreational level. We are an inclusive organization founded out of the love for the game. Our goal is to foster a strong community, engage in contests against local and regional schools, and ultimately compete at national events. We have weekly practices that include drills and scrimmages to help accomplish this. Whether you were recruited to play college football or just love the game of football, Club Flag Football will offer you an experience you'll love.