Club Sport Resources:


2019-2020 Club Sports Handbook 

Semester Report

Registering your Club Sport

  • To retain recognition from the Harvard Department of Athletics, club leaders must complete registration through TheHub 
  • The deadline for all clubs to submit registration for the 2019-2020 academic year is Sunday, April 14, 2018.
  • If you are interested in starting a new club sport, please fill out the New Club Sport Organization Recognition Application For further information on the recognition process, please contact Alex Carras (

Recommended Travel and Injury Report Forms

Travel Roster

Travel Itinerary

Injury Report

  • Each time a club travels off campus, it is strongly recommended that the club officers fill out a travel roster and itinerary and file them with the Athletic Department.
  • Club presidents should complete and file an injury report with the club sports office within 24 hours of any injury requiring some form of medical attention that occurred while participating in any aspect of a club sports activity.
  • Please send travel rosters/itineraries and injury reports to Alex Carras (


Applying for the Club Sports Grant

  • Officially recognized Club Sports are eligible to apply for an Annual Club Sports Grant every fall. The Club Sports Grant is funded by the Harvard Department of Athletics. The application deadline is to be announced.

  • You may also apply for other grants through this same portal, such as the Undergraduate Council funding.

Applying for the Nationals Grant

  • Officially recognized Club Sports who compete in their national competition are eligible to apply for the Club Sports Nationals Grant every spring. The Club Sports Nationals Grant is funded by the Harvard Department of Athletics. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 3rd at Midnight.
  • Clubs that apply must send their travel roster and itinerary to the Club Sports Coordinator.

Term-Billing Club Members

  • Clubs may term-bill their members as long as those members are full-time undergraduate students. 

  • To term-bill club members, please use the Club Sports Term Bill Template

  • Please send completed term-bill lists to the Club Sports Coordinator by SERCURE FILE TRANSFER