"It was wonderful to connect with you for a tennis lesson last week. It made me appreciate how much you have done not only for my tennis game but for our entire family over the past decade. From the beginning you always had a nice way with our son Ben and daughter Jacquelyn. Your individualized instruction and group program at Harvard was a perfect combination for their development. You did not just teach them the basics of tennis; in many ways you taught them in life. Whether it was discipline, endurance, (physical and mental) or simply joy, your genuine interest in their well being and your constant positive feedback provided them with a self confidence that continues today."

Mark D Pearlmutter, MD, FACEP, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine

"What strikes me in particular about Mike's coaching is that his lessons go well beyond the tennis court: he sprinkles his instruction with mini-lessons on the importance of discipline, hard work, precision, and respect for each other and for him (a respect that he returns in kind). Mike is the Chairperson for Wheelchair Tennis in New England. This project contributes to the well-being of disabled members of our community...."

Guhan Subramanian, Joseph Flom Professor of Law & Business, Harvard Law School & Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School

"Mike Mercier had a transformative effect on my tennis development. He understood my background as a fencer at Boston University and used it to teach me the proper stance, technique, and focus for tennis. His attention to detail is outstanding. After one lesson, my forehand was more powerful and more consistent than I thought possible for such a short period of time."

Allison Shapira, MPA 2010, Harvard Kennedy School

"I arrived at Harvard keen to improve my all-round tennis game and I found Mike on gocrimson.com.  His dedication, his professionalism and his technical knowledge led to improving all aspects of my game rapidly progressing my rating from NTRP 3.0 to NTRP 5.0 within a few short months.  His high performance clinics are an excellent way to participate in some grueling drills and also to meet players of a similar standard to yourself.  Many thanks to Mike for improving my game far beyond what I ever imagined possible whilst at Harvard."

Christian Huot, Harvard Business School, MBA Student 2011

" Mike Mercier was an adviser to the Men and Women's Club Tennis teams at Harvard throughout my four years as an undergraduate. On top of organizing regular technical drills and generously helping out with procuring material, Mike was invaluable in advocating for our teams within the Harvard athletics department. With a solid overarching presence in the tennis community at the university, Mike fought to develop our club program and increase its visibility on campus. He was particularly helpful in connecting our members to ex-varsity players and visiting students who considerably strengthened our competitive core. It was a true pleasure learning from and working with Mike on a regular basis."

Tarek Austin, Harvard College '12, Captain of the Harvard Men's Club Tennis Team 2009-2012

"When I came to Harvard looking to play tennis, the tennis coach, David Fish, told me to contact the head pro, Michael Mercier. I took some very helpful lessons with Mike.  He assessed the strengths and weaknesses in my game. And he put me in contact with other players at my level.  That's exactly what I needed. Thanks, Mike!"

Mark Solovey, Harvard Charles Warren Fellow

"During the offseason from squash, Matty and I always look forward to playing tennis. Mike is incredibly accommodating, allowing us to use the indoor courts and extra equipment (often rackets). It's a fun way to relax from studying and cross-train!"

Jake and Matt Matthews, Harvard College

"Not only has Michael fine-tuned my form, making my strokes stronger and more efficient, but he has also improved my game in areas of shot selection, footwork, and mentality. With his training, I'm increasingly confident in my ability to play tennis at Wesleyan University in the Fall."

Chris Gortmaker, Wesleyan University