Tabata Bootcamp

It will change how you think about fitness & transform your body!

Experience Tabata Bootcamp!

Based on the most current research in fitness, this revolutionary 8-week program combines bootcamp fitness with the hottest trend to hit the scene: High Intensity Interval Training. You can get your workout done in half the time and boost your metabolism to keep burning calories for hours after your workout is over.

*Personalized results-driven program that targets your individual goals.

*Increases your strength, endurance, flexibility & cardiovascular fitness.

*Workouts that are never boring, take half the time and change your body for LASTING results.

*Group support in a small group training environment- to keep you on track for success!

*24/7 website access, to track your progress and interact with your trainer & fellow bootcampers.

*Figure 8 tubing for at-home workouts will be supplied and is yours to keep.

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Instructors: Laurel & Kim

Tabata will be back in the fall; check back in August for more updates!

Price: $199

***Participants MUST have facility membership to participate in this entire 8 week program. Please reach out to [email protected] if you foresee any issues with this.