Weld Boathouse Policies

  1. Any affiliate wishing to join the rowing program must first successfully complete the Harvard swim test at the Blodgett Pool or Malkin Athletic Center Pool.
  2. Affiliates must then purchase a rowing membership at the Murr Center fitness room desk.
  3. Members must leave their Harvard ID and swim test card at the monitor's station upon entering the boathouse.
  4. Boats are allowed to launch as late as 4:15 but must be back at the dock by 4:45, with all scullers departing from the building by 5:00 p.m.
  5. Members must dress appropriately for rowing. No street clothes are allowed.
  6. Members must sign-out in the sculler's log before rowing, so the staff will know who is on the water. Members must also sign-in when they return.
  7. Before carrying oars or a boat, members should check to see whether the equipment they need may already be at the dock. If so, take the appropriate boat which is tied farthest downstream, or a boat from the outdoor trestles farthest downstream. If the boat you need is not on the dock, members must carry their own equipment.
  8. Boats traveling upstream must stay on the Cambridge side of the river. Boats traveling downstream must stay on the Boston side. The safest route avoids the middle arches and the middle third of the river.
  9. All boats launching or landing at Weld must do so in the upstream direction.
  10. Members should always check traffic by looking over their shoulder every five strokes. Drive defensively and be prepared to yield the right-of-way at all times.
  11. Boats being overtaken should yield by moving toward the shore. Faster boats should pass by moving slightly toward the center. Beware of scofflaws!
  12. Members should yell "Heads up!" or "Hello!" if another boater, not having seen you, seems on a course to collide with you.
  13. Beginning scullers, and all those below the level of Competition Single, are asked not to row downstream of the Weeks Footbridge.
  14. The first time a member rows from Weld, they must stay between Anderson Bridge and the Weeks Footbridge, making counter-clockwise circuits in front of Weld. A member’s first venture through Anderson must be cleared with an instructor. To be cleared, members must have turning skills.