Beren Tennis Center Policies


  1. Courts 1-6 are reserved at all times for approved groups only.
  2. Black-soled shoes, running shoes, and boots are not permitted on courts.
  3. Bikes, skateboards, roller blades, and street hockey are not permitted on courts.
  4. Food and drink (aside from water) are not permitted on tennis courts.
  5. First-come, first-serve. Please limit play to an hour if others are waiting for a court.
  6. Tennis instruction should only be conducted by the Harvard Head Tennis Professional and the
  7. Harvard Varsity Tennis coaches.
  8. No ball hoppers or carts are allowed on court, unless as part of approved tennis instruction.
  9. A maximum of six tennis balls are allowed on court at any given time.
  10. All sponsored members must be accompanied by their Harvard sponsor at all times.