Studio 7

Come take a class led by one of our certified personal trainers our brand new Queenax functional training space at Hemenway Gymnasium.

What to expect?

  • Small group training that caters to your fitness and strength goals using suspension training, aerobikes, motor-free treadmills, weights, and more!
  • Fun, fast-paced, and challenging.
  • Set goals, learn new skills, and leave feeling successful! 


Coming September 2019: 6-Week Progressive Classes

Session 2 


Registration Now Available!

1x/week for 6 weeks! $105

2x/week for 6 weeks!  $210


Tuesdays 7am with Joel

What is Play?

This game-based workout alternates between collaborative fitness challenges, partner games, and breaking personal bests. The perfect pairing of camaraderie and friendly competition, Studio Play promises to push everyone’s fitness without feeling like a workout. Bring out your exercisers’ inner child and bring on the strength, power and cardio gains!

What is Ignite?

Studio Ignite workouts are fast-paced HIIT sessions that combine self-powered cardio intervals with innovative functional movements. Each day focuses on different areas of the body – upper, lower or total body, and every week we switch up the workout format. For best results and progressive gains exercisers should join 2x a week, or come periodically for the ultimate HIIT session.

What is Restore?

A 30-minute gift of recovery to help restore and nourish the body. These workouts enhance the efficiency and speed of recovery with strategies such as trigger point, self-massage, stretching, dynamic integration movements, and relaxation techniques. This program is for everyone – from athletes after a hard workout to young professionals and active older adults.


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