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The theme of this show and competition is "House Life"--appropriate, especially as it kicks off during Housing Week. It combines the College Events Board and Harvard Recreation to bring students together and give them an opportunity that no one has had before: to use Harvard's gyms as gallery space. 

College students have the chance to have their artwork (pottery, painting, drawing, quilting, or your own thing!) displayed in Hemenway Gymnasium from spring break until April 26th. How do you get it there? Read on.

The submission period is February 24 until February 28.

You will bring your art to the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) Mezzanine level on Monday, March 5, where it will be judged and evaluated against other submissions for the approximately 20 spots that we have available at Hemenway. You can arrive as soon as 4PM, and the show and judging will run from 5PM until 7:30PM (there will, of course, be breaks and food). Winners will receive further instructions at the end of the show.

Rules for entry:
1) The art must be related to the theme of "House Life."
2) Group projects are allowed, as long as one person is designated the artwork's spokesperson. They will attend the March 5th event.
3) The art must be able to be displayed in the environment of Hemenway Gymnasium for about five weeks. Although this isn't by any means a harsh environment, we recommend visiting the first floor of the gym to get a feel for it yourself.
4) 2D artwork may not exceed 3'x3'. It will be mounted on the walls of Hemenway's cardio floor.*
5) 3D artwork may not exceed 2'x2'x2'. It will be displayed on tables in the Hemenway lobby.*
6) We do not have content proscriptions except: use common sense. These pieces will be potentially displayed in Hemenway, and judged by members of the Harvard community.

*If something you want to do deviates slightly from these requirements, go ahead and submit this form explaining how and why it does. We'll let you know if we can work with it, although no promises.




Hemenway is a wonderful gym, but its walls have been bare for so long. Not anymore! The products of Spectacul-ART will fill the walls of the first level of the building. Running on a treadmill was never so interesting!

The Judges

We will be announcing the panel of five judges, pulled from all around the Harvard community, in February. Stay tuned!

















Contact Daniel Golliher at Harvard Recreation, at [email protected], for questions about timing, facilities, and logistics.

Contact Caroline Kristof of CEB, at [email protected], for questions regarding artwork submission.