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Intramural Schedules


  9/22/2013 9/29/2013 10/27/2013 11/17/2013 11/24/2013 12/8/2013
2:30-4:00 Kirkland v Adams Quincy-F v Pfoho 1 Pfoho 2-F v Mather-F Cabot-F v Kirkland-F Eliot v Winthrop Dunster v Lowell-F
4:00-5:30 Dudley v Pfoho 2
Kirkland v Dunster Pfoho 1-F v Cabot Pfoho 2 v Winthrop Leverett-F v Pfoho 2 Playoffs
5:30-7:00 Winthrop v Mather-F Dudley v Lowell-F Eliot v Dudley Leverett v Quincy-F Cabot-F v Adams Playoffs
7:00-8:30 Dunster v Eliot Leverett v Winthrop Adams v Leverett-F Mather-F v Pfoho 1 Dudley v Kirkland-F ----
8:30-10:00 Cabot v Lowell-F Adams v Eliot-F Dunster v Quincy-F Lowell-F v Pfoho 1 Quincy-F v Mather-F ----


4:00pm Dudley v Pfoho 1-F

5:30pm Dunster v Adams

2/9 @6pm Winthrop v Dudley

2/16 @7pm Championship Game: Dunster v Winthrop

All matches will be played indoors at the Murr Center on courts 1-3. Remind your teams to wear non-marking shoes. Teams will need to supply racquets and balls


Volleyball A

Date 7:30pm-MAC 8:30pm-MAC 7:30pm-QRAC 8:30pm-QRAC
9/10/2013 Dudley v Quincy-F Mather v Dunster
Currier-F v Leverett Lowell-F v Pfoho
  Eliot v Winthrop Kirkland v Cabot    
9/19/2013 Dudley v Pfoho Leverett v Eliot-F
Quincy-F v Cabot Mather v Currier-F
  Dunster v Kirkland Winthrop v Lowell  

Winthrop v Currier-F
10/1/2013 Dunster v Dudley Mather-F v Eliot Cabot v Lowell-F Currier-F v Pfoho
  Leverett v Kirkland Winthrop v Quincy-F

10/8/2013 Eliot v Dudley Kirkland v Mather Cabot-F v Dunster  
  Leverett v Pfoho Quincy-F v Lowell    

Thursday 10/10: Play in game for the 8 seed: Mather v Eliot 7:30 @MAC


Volleyball B

Date 7:30pm-MAC 8:30pm-MAC 7:30pm-QRAC 8:30pm-QRAC
09/12/2013 Adams v Dunster Kirkland v Quincy Cabot v Leverett
  Dudley v Lowell Pfoho v Mather    
09/17/2013 Winthrop v Eliot Quincy v Dudley
Cabot v Pfoho

  Lowell v Mather
Leverett v Kirkland    
09/26/2013 Lowell v Pfoho Quincy-F v Adams
Dunster v Kirkland Winthrop v Cabot
  Dudley v Mather Eliot v Leverett    
10/3/2013 Mather v Kirkland
Lowell v Leverett Dudley v Pfoho Eliot v Quincy-F
  Winthrop v Adams Dunster v Cabot    
10/10/2013 Adams v Eliot Winthrop v Dunster    


Flag Football

Date 7:30pm-Stadium 9:00pm-Stadium 7:00pm-Stadium
09/09/2013 Adams v Mather Currier-F v Winthrop  
  Cabot v Eliot Dudley v Lowell  
09/24/2013 Kirkland v Leverett Adams v Cabot  
  Dunster v Pfoho Mather v Quincy
10/01/2013 Dudley v Quincy Kirkland v Pfoho  
  Eliot v Leverett-F Winthrop v Dunster  
10/10/2013 Adams v Dunster Pfoho v Dudley  
  Cabot v Winthrop Eliot v Mather  
10/15/2013 Quincy v Kirkland Pfoho v Adams  
  Leverett v Lowell Mather v Winthrop  
10/17/2013 Eliot v Dudley Dunster v Kirkland  
  Leverett v Quincy Winthrop v Lowell  
10/22/2013     Cabot v Lowell-F


Date 7:00pm-Cumnock 8:15pm-Cumnock 9:30pm-Cumnock
09/10/2013  Adams v Lowell Cabot v Currier Quincy v Dudley 1
09/11/2013  Dudley 2 v Dunster
Leverett v Eliot
Kirkland v Pfoho
09/23/2013  Mather-F v Winthrop
Adams v Dunster
Cabot v Quincy
09/25/2013  Mather v Currier
Lowell-F v Dudley 1
Pfoho v Dudley 2
09/30/2013  Winthrop v Eliot
Kirkland v Leverett
Currier v Adams
10/02/2013  Eliot v Dunster
Kirkland v Dudley 1
Cabot v Dudley 2
10/07/2013  Lowell v Leverett-F
Quincy v Mather-F
Pfoho v Winthrop
10/09/2013  Pfoho v Adams
Eliot v Cabot
Mather-F v Dudley 1
10/14/2013  Leverett-F v Currier
Lowell v Dudley 2
Quincy-F v Dunster
  Winthrop v Kirkland

Soccer Playoffs

Ultimate Frisbee

Date 7:30pm-Stadium 8:30pm-Stadium 9:30pm-Stadium
09/12/2013 Adams v Cabot Dunster v Dudley Quincy v Leverett
  Currier-F v Eliot Kirkland v Winthrop Mather v Pfoho-F
09/26/2013 Kirkland v Dunster-F Adams v Pfoho Mather v Eliot-F
  Quincy-F v Winthrop Lowell v Cabot Currier-F v Dudley
10/03/2013 Cabot v Currier-F Kirkland v Adams Dunster v Leverett
  Mather v Dudley Winthrop v Eliot Pfoho v Lowell
10/08/2013 Winthrop v Adams Cabot-F v Leverett Dunster v Mather
  Kirkland v Currier-F Lowell v Dudley Quincy v Pfoho
10/16/2013  Eliot v Quincy
   Leverett v Lowell



Charles River Run-Saturday 10/5/2013



House Score M Score W Participation M Participation W Raw Score M+W Place Event Points Participation Points Total Points
Adams 405 385 15 15 790 3rd 23 30 53
Cabot 843 606 8 9 1449 7th 13 17 30
Dudley 639 625 10 15 1264 6th 15 25 40
Dunster 211 183 15 15 394 1st 30 30 60
Eliot 1352 1136 1 2 2488 9th 10 3 13
Kirkland 205 320 15 15 525 2nd 26 30 56
Leverett 1284 846 4 5 2130 8th 11 9 20
Lowell 1440 1241 1 2 2681 12th 7 3 10
Mather 1335 1192 1 1 2527 10th 9 2 11
Pfoho 1355 1188 3 2 2543 11th 8 5 13
Quincy 511 684 15 9 1195 5th 17 24 41
Winthrop 506 535 15 15 1041 4th 20 30 50

Innertube Water Polo Tournament

2 day tournament 10/26 & 10/27/13 

Badminton Tournament

Sunday 11/3 12noon-4pm @MAC

Harvard On The Move- HOTM


Run Wednesday 3:15pm

Walk Tuesday and Thursday 12/noon

Run Sunday 10am


Run Wednesday 3:45pm

There will be a HOTM representative present at every run, who will sign in the IM participants with a clipboard.


For all Cambridge events, we will meet outside on the steps of the Malkin Athletic Center (39 Holyoke Street). Routes for both walking and running will be centered around the Charles River pathway. The walks last just under an hour and are between 2 and 3 miles in length. The runs typically include short (~2-3 miles), medium (~6 miles), and long (8+ miles) distances. Walkers and runners are, of course, welcome to come out for more or less time depending on their schedules.

For more information you may visit HOTM facebook page:  OR sign up for the  email list serve that people can sign up for by emailing

Harvard Health Advocacy Program Insanity Workouts

Monday-Friday 8am MAC 4th Floor Basketball Courts

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am SOCH First Floor

There will be a representative from the Health Advocacy Program with a sign in for these events. Be sure to include the date, your name, and your house!