Hemenway Gymnasium

1515 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Cardio Equipment

Hemenway offers 60 pieces of cardio equipment, most with personal televisions which have auxiliary inputs for headphones (that members must provide); these televisions have 20 basic cable channels.

The cardio equipment is dispersed on two levels: the entrance level and the upper gallery immediately below the entrance:

  • Stairmasters (2)
  • Recumbent Bikes (6)
  • Treadmills (22)
  • Ergometers (1)
  • Ellipticals (14)
  • Total Body Elliptical (8)
  • Upright Bikes (5)

Cardio Policies

Before beginning a workout on a machine, members must initial a sign-up sheet for all machines located parallel to the main staircase on the entrance level. For reference, each machine is numbered. Reservation slots are for 30 minutes each, which should include warm ups and cool downs.

Your machine will remain reserved until 5 minutes past the beginning of its reservation, at which point it will become open and available. Reservation slots cannot be filled more than 2 hours in advance.

Your workout may exceed 30 minutes if there is no reservation before or after yours, or if the reservation before yours becomes open, per above.

Please reference an internet-synced clock (such as a cellphone) for proper reservation. 

Strength Training Equipment

The lower floor of Hemenway Gymnasium holds a wide variety of resistance machines and free weights:

  • Power Cage Smith Machine
  • Super Squat
  • Assisted pull-up and dip machine
  • Hip abductor and adductor machine
  • 3 racks of dumbbells (5-120lbs)
  • Weight plates (2.5-45lbs)
  • 4 Hampton Dumbbell racks (2.5-25lbs)
  • Nautilus Nitro Leg Press
  • 3 Adjustable Olympic Benches
  • 1 Decline Olympic Benches
  • Plate loaded seated calf raise

The lower gallery, right below the entrance level, also holds our Express Circuit; this floor is designed to quickly work all major muscle groups. It also contains a Hoist Multi-purpose handicapped accessible machine.

Machines on this level include: 

  • Precor Leg Extension
  • Precor Prone Leg Curl
  • Precor Lateral Raise
  • Nautilus Nitro Lower Back
  • Nautilus Nitro Abdominal
  • Hoist Rotary Torso
  • Precor Triceps Extension
  • Precor Bicep Curl
  • Icarian Shoulder Press
  • Precor Vertical Chest Press
  • Cybex Seated Row

Multi-Purpose Room

Located on the top floor of Hemenway, the multipurpose room holds all of Hemenway's group exercise and specialty classes.

Light, airy, and mirrored on one side, the room provides space for stretching as well as access to fitness balls.

During down times between classes members and personal trainers can utilize the space for their workouts. Check the group exercise schedule here or at the Hemenway front desk.


Gym Floor

Basketball Court

Located on the Second Level, the gym floor at Hemenway houses recreation basketball and Law School Intramurals. Approximately 5,000 square feet, the floor has six hoops and one small basketball court.


Harvard Law School Intramurals can reserve the gym floor by contacting the Hemenway General Manager, Alex Carras, at [email protected]. No other reservations will be accepted.

When floor space is not reserved, the gym floor has time allocated to a variety of sports throughout the day, which all members are free to join:

  • At the start of each hour, the assigned sport holds the court until 10 minutes past the hour. After this time, if the court is not being used, it is first come, first serve.
  • At the start of each hour, the schedule-assigned sport gains access to the court, regardless of who is on it at that time.
  • For open gym slots please be respectful of others. 
  • The schedule is subject to change - please contact Alex Carras at [email protected] for concerns or requests. 

Squash Courts

Hemenway has two international squash courts for reservation, located on the bottom level of the facility along with the free weights.

Racquets are available to borrow at the front desk (although we do not guarantee that any will be available), and squash balls are available for purchase ($5) at the front desk. 

Hemenway's squash courts may be reserved up to 72 hours in advance, in one hour blocks. Reservations must be placed online.  

Reservation Policies

  • Signups are for 1 HOUR
  • Reservations can be made online 72 hours in advance
  • Only one 1-hour slot may be reserved per person per day.
  • The online reservation system only applies to the courts at Hemenway Gymnasium. To reserve squash courts at the Murr Center, go here; to view the Murr's squash court schedule, go here.
  • We expect that you will cancel your slot if and when you decide you no longer wish to play at your reserved time.
  • If the court is vacant at 10 minutes past the hour the reservation is forfeited. At that point the court is first come first serve.


Online Reservation System

For first time users:
  1. Go to: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/Hemenway_Squash/Squash
  2. Fill in your information to create an account (you don't need to use a Harvard email address)
  3. You will receive an email from "Harvard".  Click on the link in the email to activate your account.
  4. Log in
  5. Follow the instructions to make a reservation
Returning users:
  1. Go to: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/Hemenway_Squash/Squash
  2. Log in
  3. Follow the instructions to make a reservation
To cancel a reservation:
  1. Sign in at: http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/Hemenway_Squash/Squash
  2. Click on the slot in which you made your reservation.
  3. In the pop-up window, click on the little pencil and paper icon.
  4. Click "Delete reservation".