Team Fitness Challenge 2015




Teams of 6-8 Harvard affiliates compete to accrue workout minutes at the Malkin Athletic Center & Hemenway Gymnasium between Monday, February 15th-Friday, March 11th 2016

TFC team members must be current Harvard affiliates with valid athletic access; members are responsible to keep access current and will not be admitted without a valid, swiping Harvard ID.
Individuals who do not have a team can fill out an individual registration form. These people will be put onto a team with other individuals who do not have a team. 2 team captains will be selected from these individuals; please indicate on the individual registration form as to whether you’d like to be a team captain.


The team captains will be responsible for keeping track of and entering the teams’ minutes into a Google form/document. Each team will have 2 co-captains. The link to the Google form will be emailed to the team captains and it will be available for completion on Mondays from 12pm-5pm. Instructions on how to complete the form will be listed on the top of the form.
The team captains are the contacts for each team. All correspondence and minutes logging must be handled through the team captain. In the event that both team captains are absent or on vacation during a day that the minutes need to be turned in, a substitute team captain can step in. You must notify the TFC committee contacts (see below) prior to this change.
Since the rules state that a TFC team member must swipe into a facility in order for his/her TFC minutes to count, we cannot accept minutes from a TFC team member while he/she is on vacation.


Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 TFC teams (determined using the “adjusted minutes” which averages the points per team member and calculates based on a team maximum of 8 participants).


•Team captains are responsible for entering the teams’ weekly minutes. Team captains must log each team members’ daily totals on the Google form each Monday by 8pm (minutes may NOT be backdated).
•Members may work out more than once daily, and may work out at both the MAC and Hemenway. Eligible daily workout minutes may not exceed 90 minutes, as we do not wish to encourage excessive exercise habits. However, since some people practice endurance sports (such as long-distance running, cycling, or swimming), once a week a 180 minute workout is eligible, provided that it is followed by a "day off."
•Runners and walkers may count minutes outside the facility provided that they start their routes at the MAC or Hemenway (you must swipe in at the gym prior to going for your run or walk for it to count as TFC minutes).
•We encourage all participants to keep track of their own minutes to double-check our record keeping. Although we will rely largely on the honor system, we will be randomly checking minute submissions against our computerized check-in times.
•Please be detailed in your tracking of your TFC minutes (for instance, if all of the teams start entering the weekly max of 630 minutes, we will know that the minute logging is not accurate and/or true.
TFC runs for 4 weeks, from 2/15-3/11. The weeks will be split from each Monday, starting at 6:00am and ending at 11:00pm on Sunday evenings. For instance, week 1 will start at 6AM on Monday, 2/15 and it will end on Sunday, 2/21 at 11pm (at which point week 2 will start), and so on. Weekly standings will be posted on the Wednesday of each week.
The winners will be announced after Spring Break.
Prizes will be distributed in March/April 2015


All of the weekly team points will be “adjusted” based on the number of people in each team to account for the fact that smaller teams with more people accruing points would count just as much as a larger team with people on it that do not log any minutes. Only “adjusted” and not accrued fitness minutes will be posted each week and at the end of the competition. The Excel spreadsheet tallying the fitness points will have an equation to calculate these totals.
Please submit all questions to